Real-time volume action charts with Interactive Brokers


VolumeSense is a charting application for Interactive Brokers focused on volume and volume action. It creates intuitive charts displaying the volume traded at the bid versus the volume traded at the ask for any traded price. VolumeSense works on Windows, Mac and Linux.


VolumeSense screenshot

The screenshot (click it to enlarge) shows charts with cells indicating the number of contracts traded at the bid (left number) and contracts traded at the ask (right number). Blue cells (or green - function of the selected color scheme) indicate a positive volume balance (more contracts bought at the ask than sold at the bid) while red cells indicate a negative volume balance (more contracts sold at the bid than bought at the ask). Darker colored cells indicate equilibrium while brighter colored cells indicate higher volume unbalance. At the bottom of the charts are displayed the volume balance histogram and the total volume histogram. In the screenshot both gray charts are set to compact mode. A more detailed explanation of all charting features is provided in the documentation.



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